Serving Canadian schools for more than 30 years

The seeds of CSBE were first planted in the 1970's when the owner, Hugh Middleton, developed a textbook management solution for the York Region Board of Education (the third largest in the country at that time). This system managed textbook purchasing and distribution to the schools, circulation of surplus textbooks between schools and managed textbook reconditioning. It saved the York Region District School Board an average of a quarter million dollars per year.

CSBE Begins!

In 1993, Hugh started the Ontario School Book Exchange to extend this service to all schools in Ontario. A year later, this same service was extended across Canada under the new name, Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE), and continues effectively provide savings to this day.

The Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE) identifies surplus textbooks and teaching resources in schools across Canada, expertly reconditions them and resells them at SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS to schools who need the books. We are also a leading provider of discounted paperbacks and other bulk resources.

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Textbook Management for Independent Schools

In 1999, CSBE pioneered a new online student ordering system when it was approached by two independent schools to facilitate a better way  for their students to order textbooks and the schools to manage their inventories. With the successful launch of the online system, coupled with reliable delivery, our reputation has grown rapidly and so has our business.

Most of our clients are direct referrals from other clients. CSBE is proud to service more than 32 independent schools, night schools and online learning programs across Canada with our Textbook Management Services. Click Textbook Management Service for more information.

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